INC is a manufacturer of industrial safety clothing.

Our products are made with national and imported fabrics of the highest quality

Certified supplies

Our current infrastructure allows us to concentrate the most critical production processes in one place, starting with the design and pattern of the garments to the storage of the finished product in the warehouse.

  • We design, manufacture and commercialize high quality garments to meet the needs of staffing at the corporate level and security at the industrial level.
  • We are a company founded in Ibagué, Tolima
  • We have more than 25 years of accumulated experience in the textile sector
  • Robust relational structure, which translates into solid and long-standing relationships with important suppliers in the industry.

We are motivated by the safety of our clients' employees, for this reason we ensure that we mitigate risks and accidents in the plants by designing and distributing safe garments.

  • We use certified materials of the highest quality.
  • We have export experience, which allows us to cover international territor.
  • Productive integration.


We have more than 25 years of accumulated experience under our Rott + co brand, which has more than 67 stores nationwide. Knowledge, experience, relationships and our production structure make us the ideal ally to deliver value and quality in each garment we design.




We rely on the guidelines of each client to develop innovative and unique counter-proposals.



Much of the clothing is carried out in our facilities, however, we have a network of satellite workshops, mostly led by mothers head of the family.


In this process we manage to transmit the corporate identity and DNA of your company in each garment.


Alliances with national and international courier companies.

At INC we meet two primary business needs; Mandatory endowment of uniforms and corporate clothing and the supply of industrial safety clothing.

I. The Colombian law regulated the endowment as a social benefit to be provided by the employer to workers who earn up to two legal monthly minimum wages, according to the Substantive Labour Code (CST), from Article 230 to 235. The work wardrobe is delivered three times a year. The regulations have maximum dates for this procedure april 30, August 31 and December 20.

The endowment today beyond being a factor of obligation, is a great tool that helps to communicate and position the brand identity of each company.

II. Industrial safety clothing must comply with a number of safety conditions to ensure the protection of the collaborator according to the nature of the risk of the activity carried out.

As a company we guarantee compliance with national and international regulations, we based our production processes on technical requirements according to risk classification. The following classification should be considered to determine the most appropriate type of clothing:

1. Fireproof and high temperature protection clothing.

These are clothes specially designed to withstand the effect of high temperatures and fire. Each clothe is classified according to the level of protection they offer. This type of clothes are usually used by firefighters, electricians, oil companies, among other professionals who work in contact with the highest temperatures.

According to the standard, this type of clothing must consist of outerwear, made from flexible materials to protect the body of the person. Fire-retardant work suits must comply with the following international standards issued by specialized safety bodies:

  • EN ISO 11611 Class 1, which indicates protection against sparks and small metal droplets; Class 2, indicates protection against large amounts of sparks and larger metal droplets.
  • NFPA 2112 defines minimum basic safety specifications as well as test methods for clothing flame resistance for personal fire protection.

2. High visibility clothing

The high visibility clothing has reflective properties, and it is design in very striking colors. It's objective is to visually highlight the person who wears it, thus avoiding the risks that may arise from its presence not being detected.

The characteristics of high visibility clothing used as a working uniform are defined in European standards EN 471:2003 and in the American standards ANSI / ISEA 107 - 2004

Other elements that comprise high-visibility garments are reflective tapes. This type of tape meets and exceeds the international high visibility standards EN 471 and the American standards ANSI / ISEA 107- 2010.